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Budda Mack is a talented Rap artist from Oakland, CA. He started his rap career at a real early age starring as a hype man for his brother at age 6 and writing his first 16 verse at age 8. He was inspired by artists such as Tupac, Big Daddy Kane, Trick Daddy, E-40, DMX, and other influential rap artists. Budda Mack  states that music is his get away from everyday struggles and obstacles of life. He calls music his avenue of expressions of words. Budda Mack is currently making waves in the music industry with his lucrative style and swag

Bay Musik Records is known for releasing singles  people love listening to. Running Fugitives is a rap duo of two artists west side bangah and 3D. Their hiphop influences include artists like Dr. Dre, Snoop, No Limit,and Mystikal. They are currently making waves with their town music.

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